SMALL & BOUTIQUE. cared & crafted.



At Sew & Sew we plant the vines, grow the grapes and make the wines – gently nurturing the very first bud to the bottled wine. Sew & Sew is a partnership between friends who strive to create beautiful hand crafted products made with passion.

We believe that the vineyards create their own patterns; whether it be from sun, water, soil structure or insect behaviour. Predicting and embracing these patterns allows for the creation of high-quality balanced fruit. Thinking about the bigger picture helps deliver our memorable wines.



By day, Jodie runs a viticultural consultancy; managing vineyards and advising grape-growers on best practice. By night, she turns her attention to Sew & Sew; a hand crafted mission to create greatness the glass.

Jodie has worked in numerous wine regions across the world, giving her the broad knowledge she holds today. Always particular about the style she wants to deliver, each Sew & Sew wine is a unique expression of its variety. Fruit and flavour are paramount in her creations.

A true artist at heart, Jodie’s also a keen sewer. Her ability to visual a project and treat it with infinite detail from conception to finish is a skill she uses in producing Sew & Sews elegant wines.



When asked why the son of a dairy farmer would want to invest in the wine industry his response was a simple one: “I got sick of getting light bills from the race course”, I think it had something to do with very slow horses.

Andrew’s re-attachment to the country-life he grew up with, plus a passion for wine, are the real drivers behind his partnership in Sew & Sew.

Sydney based, Andrew has worked in financial services for over 30 years. Like a good blended wine, Jodie and Andrew are incorporating their skill sets to offer a wine experience like no other.



The fruit for our wines is sourced from a range of vineyards throughout McLaren Vale and the Adelaide Hills regions. All selected in small-batches from blocks that Jodie personally manages for clients. It’s a wonderful synergy, striving towards the goal of producing the best possible fruit.

The parcels are selected to suit the season, reflect the vintage and allow the terroir to shine through the wine. Utilising the unique opportunity of both growing grapes and making wine from diverse vineyards.


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Sew, you'd like to stay in the loop?

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